Matera UNESCO city, the third oldest city in the world, has been designated "European Capital of Culture 2019" by a jury (composed of Italian and foreign experts, and a representation of the European Commission).
Matera was choised among a group of cities, equally beautiful and deserving such as Cagliari, Lecce, Siena, Perugia and Ravenna.

The "City of Stones", earned the title not only for its beautiful scenery and its historical and artisticalproperty but also and above all for prudent in support of its application programming.

Matera is the fourth Italian city to receive the prestigious title, preceded Florence in 1986, Bologna in 2000 and Genoa in 2004. The next appointment for Italy with Netherlands (after 2019) is scheduled for 2033.
The 2033 is so far, ad this is one more reason to go to Matera and enjoy the "European Capital of Culture".
You can ask informations, on guided tours in a foreign language of Matera, at our reception.
So we wish you a good journey!

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