Conference room

Over the years, the Tourist Center Akiris were organized several events in different professional sectors. The property has several rooms, the largest, called "Demetra", has an area of 400 square meters with seats that can vary from 100 to 250. There you can create different configurations by the use of movable panels and also outside there is a large square next to a wonderful pool. The second meeting room, called "Sofocle", has an area of 210 square meters with about 150/180 seats. At least, there are three meeting rooms located in a basement, with large and bright spaces for coffee breaks. The three rooms called "Aristotele", "Platone" and "Socrate" are respectively 130 sqm, 50 sqm and 20 sqm. All the rooms and surrounding areas are equipped with air conditioning and WiFi. Already in the structure you can require the use of equipment as: Video projector, giant screen, amplification, wireless microphones, Flipchart photo seedlings conference